Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Trick or Treating...

After dodging zombies, witches and Black Swan ballerinas at work, I raced home to go trick or treating with friends.  I managed to avoid candy and chocolate all day-a miracle but not sure I could resist Meg's bucket full of chocolate sitting out for the night.  Her candy corn has been staring at me for weeks.  I used to LOVE candy corn...

Little Dorothy (Ashley) had a trip to the ER today and was sporting a new cast on her elbow.  Luckily, her sling matched her outfit and she was in great spirits.  Elizabeth was Minnie Mouse and was accessorizing before we headed out...

They piled into their wagon and we set off...

By the second house, Elizabeth got the hang of it and was having a blast.

I loved trick-or-treating as a child.  But, things weren't so diplomatic in my house.  My brother and I took the candy collecting very seriously.  We would survey our loot as we went and would alter our path if things weren't going the right way then, we would get home and dump everything out.  My brother would put his in a large bowl and tuck it away, inventoried.  I would, of course, eat my candy like a normal child and when I was almost finished with my bowl days later, my brother would bring his out and then torment me by eating it in front of me, never sharing.  Oh, childhood memories....

My favorite Halloween candy used to be the mini Life Saver packets and M & Ms.

Happy Halloween!!

Happy Halloween!!!
Lol..I am running out of childhood Halloween pictures to post each year.  I need to dig some more through my Mom's albums.  Surrounding myself with candy is a little scary for me these days, but I am so excited for my trick-or-treating date with Dorothy and Minnie Mouse.  Should be lots of fun.

Have a safe Halloween!

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Moving Things Around...

Two pieces of furniture arrived at my apartment this afternoon,   One is this large hutch.  It is antique pine and I am feeling very lucky to have had the good timing of a friend downsizing.  Even though I measured, until the movers put the top part on the base, I was holding my breath, waiting to confirm it would fit.  If not in my kitchen, I would have some serious furniture swapping out to do.  I needed help filling this up with pretty display pieces.  Fortunately, I was able to get Meg to come over to help and actually left her alone in my apartment for 2 hours while I had a client appointment.  When I was on the way back home, I called her and she said she had been busy.  Yikes.  I was a little scared.

I walked in and saw all my favorite pieces displayed so beautifully on my new hutch!!  She found stuff I had forgotten existed.  Knowing I love blue and white, she went to work putting it all together...

I love this piece because it has so much storage space, which I need so much.

This chest of drawers was my other pretty but a tad big for my space.  I also now have to move up my mirror a few inches since this piece is taller than the original chest I had there.  Meg put my frames, silver pieces, books and moved a lamp from my bedroom to make my new entryway very, very welcoming.

Lucky I have an abundance of these framed etchings here...moving my mirror up will make it possible to add one more on each side.  I am all about symmetry.

The last big change was moving my couch off the wall and putting this chest under my painting.  I am needing one more white Ikea chair to go on the left side.  It changes the whole room and looks amazing.

After moving everything around, I have some cleaning up to do when I get home tomorrow..I need to make room for Meg to come back and keep going.  I will have a whole new apartment when we are done!   

Thank you thank you thank you Meg!!!
I love everything!

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Jules Reid in Coral Gables

Last night, I stopped by Jules Reid's trunk show at Coco's house.  As soon as I walked in, the explosion of color put a smile on my face.  So many pretty dresses, blouses and outfits all hanging neatly on racks.  She had some of her summer line at amazing prices and lots of new things..

This table of cuter than the next.

One of Coco's picks...

Jules and her hostesses Coco and Amy.

Some of Jules' Vintage Finds.some very eclectic pieces.
For my local friends, her show is still going on me if you want to go.

From her is more of her collection.
Check it out...

Monday, October 15, 2012

The Big Wedding

The trailer was just released for The Big Wedding, coming out in April of 2013.  Packed with big stars, it looks so funny.  I have a list a mile long of movies I want to see that are in the theater right now or are about to come out.  My actual going-to-the-movies activity goes in waves.  I am in love with the theater in Coconut Grove that lets you pick your seats, no panicky race to get the aisle.  Dying to see Argo, hopefully this week!

Fabric Identity

Does anyone know what fabric is on these chairs???  
I am desperate to know.

Thursday, October 11, 2012

Flashback to 1992...

Rewind 20 years almost to today and you will find me and BFF Denie propped up on a bus heading North to Atlanta.  Proud members of Gators for Bush, we were invited to attend the Vice Presidential debates at Georgia Tech and we couldn't sign up fast enough.  We left in the afternoon and drove straight to the campus, you could not have imagined two more happy girls...

The event was so exciting and I remember having seriously the best time.  Clad in my favorite red Laura Ashley corduroy dress..we were all in red, white or blue-so patriotic.

After it was all over, we climbed back on the bus and endured the long drive home through the night back to Gainesville.  What an amazing experience, to be part of a little bit of history.

Fast forward to 2012 and I can't wait for it all to be over.  Of all the amazing advancements technology has enriched our lives with, the media involvement with a Presidential campaign is my least favorite.  In 1992, you read the paper, listened to the radio, watched the news and talked to friends.  There were no blogs, websites, auto-dial campaign calls and in-your-face media adding their opinion and making you feel stupid for thinking a certain way.  I generally avoid political discussions these days since you are bound to encounter someone who wants to put you on the spot and justify why you believe the way you do.  No thanks.

I am looking forward to November 7th!

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Country French Online

Yay! One of my favorite stores has just launched a website.  Country French, located in the heart of South Miami, is my go-to for gifts, home accessories and furniture.  Check out and see what it is all about!

Monday, October 8, 2012

Agent Provocateur

Last week, I popped into Agent Provocateur's new store in Merrick Park for a little soiree hosted by Lisa and Christina.  A bunch of our friends were there looking at the most amazing lingerie and doing a little shopping...

me and Amy

 The Hostesses

Jessica and Christina

Tina, Stephanie and me

One of the sales girls gave us a lesson on some of the accessories they sell..think 50 Shades..

Amy and Lisa

Super fun night!!

Photos by me and World Red Eye

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Fall Shopping Part 1

I LOVE Fall and all the new clothes coming out. In Miami, where it is still in the low 90s, it requires a little patience to do this shopping, but nowadays, if you wait too long for the actual weather to change, everything good is GONE.  I have been shopping like crazy these last few weeks and can't get enough of all the fun things for the cooler weather.  Here are my latest pics:

Banana Republic Faux Fur Vest $125

Gap Khaki Pants in bright orange $54.95

Lilly Pulitzer Cassie Elephant Dress $98

Alice + Olivia Petunia Bell-Sleeve Dress $330

Gap Supersoft Stripe Tee $22.95

BCBG Max Azaria Hannah Colorblock Dress $248

Moss Mills Fox Clutch Bag  $180

Tory Burch Kissing Fox Belt $150

Benetton Coat $235 (212) 223.6250 (could not find online)

Banana Republic Faux Leather Trim Dress $130
I love the leather trim on the neckline and side pockets.

I need to throw away all my old black turtlenecks that are faded and stock up on these. 
Gap Pure Oversize Turtleneck $58

Denim Boyshirt
I have seen denim shirts popping up everywhere..if you don't already have one, they are seriously at every store.  Here is Madewell's version for $88

Part 2 of this post is in the works!