Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Moving Things Around...

Two pieces of furniture arrived at my apartment this afternoon,   One is this large hutch.  It is antique pine and I am feeling very lucky to have had the good timing of a friend downsizing.  Even though I measured, until the movers put the top part on the base, I was holding my breath, waiting to confirm it would fit.  If not in my kitchen, I would have some serious furniture swapping out to do.  I needed help filling this up with pretty display pieces.  Fortunately, I was able to get Meg to come over to help and actually left her alone in my apartment for 2 hours while I had a client appointment.  When I was on the way back home, I called her and she said she had been busy.  Yikes.  I was a little scared.

I walked in and saw all my favorite pieces displayed so beautifully on my new hutch!!  She found stuff I had forgotten existed.  Knowing I love blue and white, she went to work putting it all together...

I love this piece because it has so much storage space, which I need so much.

This chest of drawers was my other pretty but a tad big for my space.  I also now have to move up my mirror a few inches since this piece is taller than the original chest I had there.  Meg put my frames, silver pieces, books and moved a lamp from my bedroom to make my new entryway very, very welcoming.

Lucky I have an abundance of these framed etchings here...moving my mirror up will make it possible to add one more on each side.  I am all about symmetry.

The last big change was moving my couch off the wall and putting this chest under my painting.  I am needing one more white Ikea chair to go on the left side.  It changes the whole room and looks amazing.

After moving everything around, I have some cleaning up to do when I get home tomorrow..I need to make room for Meg to come back and keep going.  I will have a whole new apartment when we are done!   

Thank you thank you thank you Meg!!!
I love everything!


Anonymous said...

I love the hutch! The blue and white accents are perfect!!

Heather Hughes said...

Love it Kristin! Meg told me about your awesome new furniture! I am missing her and her talents!