Monday, November 5, 2012

Emerald City

Last weekend was the Beaux Arts Ball, the oldest costume ball in Miami.  This year's theme was Emerald City and you can't imagine how creative people can be with the Wizard of Ox.  Allie Munroe designed the invitation (can you see the glitter on the left?) and they even special ordered the flying monkey stamps below.  I love these...

The Four Seasons was transformed into Oz..our friend Holli brought out her team and whipped everything into shape.  People took the theme in all different directions...

Marika and Adrian came with their own "munchkins"...

Kristen and Kristin

Amy came as a makeup and all

Me and Cece

The Gala Chairs

Our artist friend Lu hand-made this outfit..

This bunch came dressed in their Oz outfits (from the tv show)

This group always has the cutest costumes...Lollipop Guild

The ballroom looked so amazing.with large screens playing Wizard of Oz all night..

And on the way out..irresistible Krispy Kreme donuts.

It was such a fun up Bare Bones Ball and Arts Festival!

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