Sunday, December 23, 2012

My Tree and Holiday Updates

Last weekend, I finally got my tree.  So crazy to wait but I was that busy and needed help getting the tree up to my apartment.  My friend Mike came to the rescue and helped me out so I didn't pull any muscles trying to do it myself.

Of course, when I finally was ready to decorate, my lights were a mess and all tangled.  Meg used to throw her lights away each year so she didn't have to deal with them and this year I am starting to think she had a good idea.  I ended up going out and buying 5 new boxes of lights just to get it going.  The end result was so great...

I had a little party this past week (will post later about that) and Meg and Helen came over the nights before to help me get ready.  Meg moved some more furniture around and Helen ended up finishing the tree decorating for me.  Such good friends.  Helen even staged a bunch of presents under the tree out of items for sale on my funny.

My parents arrive tomorrow and the festivities will begin.  I am still making jewelry for orders right now and have deliveries through tomorrow of ordered personalized items that are arriving Christmas Eve.  The snow storm has put a crinkle in my arrival times.  

I have just experienced the best Christmas season yet with amazing sales.  And, it isn't over yet..still a few husbands that need last minute help.  Love them.  Next week, will post some of my holiday recaps.  I have been such a slacker lately and have heard about it from my loyal peeps.  Thankfully, everyone is understanding that I am a tad busy and haven't had time to sit for 2 minutes.  

My last bit of fun news is that to make up for my blackberry going through the wash on Wednesday before my party, a sweet friend purchased an iPhone for me for Christmas.  What a life changer!!  I am so in love with it and am hoping it will help me be in better touch.

Wishing you the Merriest Christmas and Happy Holidays.