Thursday, January 24, 2013

Favorite Pin So Far and KP Updates

So many New Year's Resolutions, as always, and I have already broken several of them.  One of them was to be a better, more consistent blogger (which I was last week) and then it all fell apart.  I have been so crazy and not wanting to just post nonsense just to post something.

I have steered clear of Pinterest lately because it is a TIME SUCKER.  I do not posses the willpower to just go on for 2 minutes to see what is up, I get stuck finding some awesome housewife who has excellent taste and has pinned some beautiful decor pictures and then I see where she is pinning from and go to that person's page and then 30 minutes have elapsed without me realizing it.  Holy is so dangerous!!!

But, when you find gems like this one is worth it.  I am so in love with this bedroom, I can barely see straight.  How pretty to wake up in this room every day?????

Also online, I saw this yesterday from, don't laugh, Kim Kardashian.  She posted this on Instagram...

I love this because I met someone recently that this totally applies to.  It doesn't happen often that you really do meet someone and you can almost hear a loud "click".  It is a rare and amazing thing. 

And one more treat from my tech arsenal...this past weekend, I sent a text to my friend Marika needing a photo from the party the night before..I apparently had the wrong number for her in my phone....

when this came through..I almost died and could not stop laughing for about 10 minutes.  How funny?  Now, in the romantic comedy version of my life, he would be super cute and then we would start dating...but that isn't quite how it ended up.

I am preparing for an amazing trunk show sale tonight and tomorrow.  So excited and nervous as usual.  Hopefully, some good sales!

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CDS said...

If only the Rom Com parralel universe of our lives could be true for us all! I'd be a size 8 (not asking for much) and my house would be Meryl Streep's from "It's Complicated"... le sigh...