Wednesday, January 2, 2013

In Love with Cece

Seems like I am constantly late to all the good parties.  I only recently discovered J. Crew's Cece flats and am so in love.  I know they have been around a while, but I apparently wasn't paying attention. My Ebay has a constant search for my size and I am now the proud and happy owner of 5 pairs.  

This all started when I saw two of my friends wearing the black studded Cece Flats a few months ago.  I was determined to find them and get them for myself.  Those finally appeared on Ebay and I have been wearing them ever since.  

Recently, I have been stopped by a few people to let me know they have the exact shoes but theirs are Steve Madden.  I just looked them up online and sure enough, they are almost identical.  K-studd Studded Flats are available at Lord & Taylor for $59.  They come in a few different colors.

Today when I got back from my trip, a shiny new silver pair of Ceces were waiting for me.  Right before Christmas, a green suede pair arrived.  I also have plain black and navy.  They are amazing.  I have my eye on a tan suede next and hot pink.  Obsessed!

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Charlee R said...

They're such a great shoe! Sounds like you're going to own them in every colour & design pretty soon! :) Happy New Year!

Charlee Anne @