Tuesday, January 8, 2013

In the Office

Since my office is basically my couch, which is not the most practical, I am often intrigued by home offices that I see online.  I have been collecting these pictures for some time and topped my collection off with some Pinterest goodies.  I think it is much more productive to work in a pretty environment, don't you?

I LOVE this one...

The most amazing office I have ever seen was an unbelievable chance sighting of Estee Lauder's office in New York.  After an amazing lunch with two of my best friends and their Uncle, who worked for Estee Lauder, he not only took us to the employee store (jaw dropping) but then brought us up to get a peek of Estee's personal office.  It was outrageous, her signature wallpaper in cool tones and sterling framed pictures of her and so many famous people sitting on every surface.  What an experience!

Photo courtesy of New York Times

Jackie at her makeshift office..

Oprah getting a first look at her Nate Berkus-designed office..amazing...

And Anna Wintour and her famous white office.

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