Friday, January 4, 2013

iPhone Obsession

Again, so so late to the iPhone party.  My contract with T-Mobile did not end until next year, so it would have cost me a fortune to switch over and rid myself of my beloved Blackberry.  After a very successful Christmas appointment, I was heading straight to the Apple store and ready to take the plunge, so excited.

Then... seriously that day, I got a ton of calls to tell me that T-Mobile announced they were getting the iPhone!  I couldn't believe it.  I decided to be patient and wait and then some craziness ensued.  While getting ready for a party at my apartment, I decided to wash my bath rugs and racing around to get them done, my 10-day old Blackberry made it into the wash with my rugs.  I didn't realize it was missing until right before the cycle ended and there it was on the bottom of the washer.  To be honest, I started crying in the laundry room.  Of all the times in my life to be without a phone, this would have to be one of the worst.  I had so many customers' text messages, addresses and all sorts of info on there that all went away.  Luckily, I was able to re-hook up Zaria's old Blackberry so I had a phone to use, but had to start over with a new SIM card.  To add to this craziness, my real job was in serious high gear and I was just so busy, not really a great time to be sitting on the computer trying to back up a phone.

One of my favorite friends called me in the middle of this drama and could tell I was about to lose it.   He had been telling me for weeks how great the iPhone was and that I was crazy to stay with my Blackberry.  He offered to buy me an iPhone for Christmas and promptly sent me a gift card to the Apple store.  I left the Apple store with the biggest smile on my face.  This phone is so much fun.  I have been having the best time adding apps and getting it set up.  You can do so much on it, it really is a life saver.  Bye Bye Research in Motion!

The man who sold me my phone insisted that I get a candy shell case.  I sell so many iPhone cases, it pained me not to use the one I had already ordered myself, but since I am a tad klutzy and had dropped my Blackberry about a hundred times, I decided to get a serious cover that will protect this precious gift I am now using to connect with the world..I know a bit dramatic, but I can't help it.  I found one in pink and cute.

This past weekend, I kept getting in trouble for being on my phone.  I honestly was just trying to stay in touch with my life at home, but every time someone was looking for me, I was off in a corner, checking on texts and emails. 

Friday night after our big dinner...busted!

Waiting for everyone else to get saddled up on Saturday morning, I caught a quick glance at my phone...busted!

and right when the Oyster Roast was starting..this was actually me trying to take pictures and fooling around with the camera.  No one believed me!  Busted again!

I also was not captured very often without the phone clutched in my hand...

Thanks Christina for capturing all my bad phone behavior!!!!

So, what is your favorite app???
Please share! :)


Hoby said...

Are you updating your blog from your phone yet? ;-)

LCRush said...

Welcome to the world of iPhone! You really will love it and be amazed that you ever used anything else.

Some of my favorite apps:

Postagram: Lets you digitally create a post card with your pictures that is physically sent in the mail.

Pic Frame: Create one image from many pictures. There are SO many layouts to choose from and you can add your own text

Pandora: for music

Nike Training: if you are looking for a good workout app, this is a nice one with a lot of workouts

Headspace: This is a meditation app I randomly downloaded, but I like the instructor and it does help me relax when the world around me is nuts!

Good Luck!!

Mona said...

Pandora and WeatherBug.