Thursday, January 3, 2013

Oyster Roast 2012

This past weekend in North Carolina was a non-stop, endless amount of activity. The morning of the Oyster Roast, the house started to get very busy.  While some of us went horseback riding, the backyard started being transformed into a functioning Oyster Fair of sorts.  Tents were put up and tables and chairs set out, all getting ready for family and friends to arrive to eat fried oysters, grilled oysters, oyster casserole and much more.  This was my second time attending the Stamey Oyster Roast, so I knew what I was in for and super excited.

  The wagon was in full swing taking everyone around the field.

Ashley was one of the first to taste Aunt Annie's french fries.  
They were delicious!

The bonfire is carefully set up using a cut-off tree trunk.  It gets really big as the night goes on and eventually falls.  It is very handy since the weather kept getting chillier as the day went on...

So many Styrofoam cups, we had to initial them..

The classic Hoby/Christina pose..this time with Bambino cheering them on and little Chase waiting patiently for us to get back inside!

Robb was in charge of roasting the oysters on the grill..

And then they got brought into the tent where the table was all set up...

There were handy tools ready to go alongside the saltines and cocktail sauce

Inside the house, the dining room table overflowed with desserts.  Heather brought a Pioneer Woman chocolate cake that was amazing.  Annie had made chocolate covered coconut candies that were better than Mounds.  Clearly a weekend to not be dieting...

It was kind of like a small fair, with tables of yummy food.

By the end of the night, we were so cold, we were all wrapped up on the porch.

The whole weekend was a blast. 
Thank you Pam, Bob and Meg for hosting me.
Such a fun way to ring in 2013!

Photos by me and Christina Staalstrom


Summer is a Verb said...

Oysters...fur...mono'd styrofoam...what's not to love?! Happy New Year KP! XXOO

...just another preppy shopaholic said...

Looks like so much fun! Happy New Year!!!