Saturday, January 19, 2013

Shoulder Pads and All....

Last night was the Bare Bones Ball on the campus of UM right at the edge of the Arts Festival set up.  This yearly party is always well attended and the theme is usually very fun, given that this group LOVES to dress up for any occasion.  This year's theme, Ultimate Frat Party, was so easy..everyone brought out their college gear, togas and school spirit.  I am admittedly not the most enthusiastic dresser upper, but decided to dress like I did in college since I still have many items in my closet from that era..I know, shocking.

The winner, an old favorite navy blue Adrienne Vittadini sweater with white dogs on it that look like Millie (at the time, they looked like Barney).  I loved that sweater and during a recent purge, it survived another round and has been safely tucked away for posterity.  Little did I know I would be wearing it any time soon.  Thankfully, it still fit and had the tell-tale shoulder pads to correctly identify its 1990 time frame.

I added pearls and a ribbon in my hair, and that was it.  There were many ribbons in hair at the party, it was so cute. Here I am with two favorites, Hadley and Corey.

Nadja, Richard and Zaria

Before the party, I was invited to a pre-party at a friend's house..there were a bunch of togas there AND...some jello shots to boot!

Then, we walked over the could hear the music coming out of the tent from far away...

This was the sign walking into the party..hilarious.  There were frat party banners and sorority signs hanging everywhere.

Cute check-in girls Heather and Ceci..members of the OMG sorority...

Ali, Arts Festival Co-Chair Becky and Catherine

Cristina, Liz and Katie proudly representing University of Florida 

Lisa, Lori and Amy

Funnels were on hand...

And Beer Pong participants were everywhere...

This party was so much fun..and today the Arts Festival is in full swing! I will be there all day tomorrow in various t-shirt tents and coke booths.  If you haven't checked out the Beaux Arts Festival, it is worth a trip to the UM campus.

See you there!

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