Wednesday, March 13, 2013

1000th Post

Hard to believe I have written 1,000 posts!  I never imagined that Summer in Newport would go beyond a way to keep in touch with my peeps back home during my summer up North in 2007.   Who knew that writing a blog would bring so much fun to my life?  I have learned so much and made so many friends..some I have met in person, some-not yet.  Beyond the business this blog has brought my way, it is the friends I have made that have made it worth all of the effort.

The first blog I started reading was Monogram Momma.  I became obsessed with her DIY projects and cheerful nature.  When I contacted her to do a jewelry giveaway, she happily agreed and her little post about my starfish necklace brought me a ton of business.  So many husbands emailed me to order that necklace since their wives sent them the link to that was fantastic.  After the success of this giveaway, I started blog surfing and found Hopsy at Monograms and Manicures.  How could you not love her uplifting and sweet posts about everything pink and green?  She did a giveaway as well and introduced me to so many of my now blogging friends.

Along the way, Alice from Summer is a Verb came on the scene.  I have emailed with her, blogged about her and even talked to her on the phone but we have never met in person.  Someday...I will get to Greenwich or maybe she will meet me in NYC.  Fingers crossed.

In one fell swoop a few years ago at the National Stationery Show, I met Monogram Momma in person and also got to meet Grove Gal K and the Preppy Princess!  So much fun.  

I am currently determined to get back on a more consistent blogging schedule.  It is like another job sometimes...I am always juggling too many things at once.    But, I have a lot to say and tons of good posts in the works..stay tuned!

Thank you for reading Summer in Newport!


Laurie Tester said...

Lulu and Daisy

Summer is a Verb said...

Annnnd got me hooked on needlepoint Christmas ornaments which I've been pumping out like nobody's business. Happy 1000th Kristin! I think this is the kind of milestone that deserves a li'l splurge of the nibbling, sipping AND AmEx variety. Cheers! XXOO

Preppy Pink Crocodile said...

Cheers to your 1000th! Monogram Momma was my first blog too- how funny.