Tuesday, March 5, 2013

My Bedroom....

This is what I want my bedroom to look like...

I already have the headboard..King size.
My King mattresses are the next purchase..soon.

I don't know what fabric this is..so if you know-please tell me!

In the meantime, I found similar fabric that I am in LOVE with.
My headboard is front of windows, so I could have panels made to hang behind.

It also comes in hot pink..this was what I found first...

But my walls are beautifully painted a pale blue and I don't want to re-paint them.

These fabrics are also great..

Thibaut Isabelle Toile

Winterthur Reproduction Blue and White Toile

Thibaut Gazebo Parrot Toile

I would love a toile that is blue with a white background..my original fabric background is more of a cream color.

I got a new white duvet and shams for my birthday from a dear friend-so nice.

And I have some piles of clothes and paper to go through so I can get started.

As usual, I am writing this all down here for accountability purposes.

I think people sleep better in a pretty room, right?

The decorating starts asap!


Catherine said...

OMG, KP! I started screaming when I read your post!! That is MY bedroom. I have that same fabric in blue and white. I've used it in the balloon shades, dust ruffle, pillow shams, and a wing chair - as well as toss pillows. It comes in wallpaper, too. I've got the wall the bed is on (only that wall) wallpapered. My headboard is the dark blue that's in the print. White is nice, but for us, it would be showing dirt soon. We let the pups in bed with us to watch tv! I think this look is timeless. Good luck to you! You'll love this project.


kp said...

Wait! Tell me what the fabric is!!!! xo

Catherine said...

It's O L D !!
There was a decorator store at Dadeland many moons ago. I bought it there. I think I still have some remnant scraps around, and I can check and see if the name is in the selvage.

Boatman Geller said...

Love the Toile themed bedroom!

Catherine said...

It's either Waverly China Seas
or Waverly Toile Orientale.
They are very similar although one
is linen and the other cotton. What I have is a polished cotton. Good luck! Let me know how things turn out.
All the best, Cath

CDS said...

This is what my moms room on KB was like for years, hot pink toile! :)