Thursday, May 16, 2013

Back in Business...

Growing up in my house, I never was able to utilize the bottom two drawers of any dressers because they were filled with my Mom's fabric collection.  She sewed so she was always buying fabric and her collection just kept growing until in 3rd grade we moved and I reclaimed my drawer space.

I seemed to have caught her bug, because I am super drawn to fabric and have a collection of my own.  In the beginning of my business, I sold beautiful fabric frames and desk accessories and used to send them my fabric to use, but that only made my collecting get out of control.  When I stopped carrying these items, I made myself stop buying fabric.

Well, guess what?  I am re-adding these amazing fabric covered goodies to my assortment this summer.  Last week, I pulled out all of my fabric and surveyed what was left and am getting it all together to send to my vendor, look out for some great gifts on my website.

A few months ago, I saw a link to a cool fabric website called Hawthorne Threads and have been getting their updates.  They have many designers' fabrics with millions of choices.  Here are some of the ones that caught my eye...

Tons for kids...

So imagine these on picture frames, waste baskets, tissue box holders, notepad holders and more.  The best part of this collection is that if you are decorating at home, you can send me your fabric and we can have these items made up for you to match your decor.  The prices are very reasonable.  Look out for my new products..they are going to be so cute.

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