Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Nantucket-Figawi Weekend 2013

Having just spent the most relaxing, fun weekend on Nantucket, it is hard to accept that I am on my way home to the real world in Miami.  It was so nice to leave the warm weather for cooler temps up North for Memorial Day Weekend, although I had no idea how cool or how wet it would be.  So unprepared, I ended up wearing the same clothes over and over to keep warm and dry.  Freezing temperatures, misty rain and cobblestones make for a dangerous combination, but I was so determined to not let the weather get me down.

My pals Denise and Dave picked me up at the airport on Friday and we headed straight down to Hyannis to catch the slow ferry to the island.  I started feeling very thankful that I got my Keratin treatment a couple of weeks ago, because if not, my hair would have been a disaster.

The rain didn't stop the entire time.  We boarded the ferry after waiting in line (in the rain).  Once we got on, there were no seats inside so we hiked up top to the back of the boat and set up shop at a table and chairs...all in the mist, cold rain. 

We were next to the party people who were a group of 20 guys going to wedge themselves in a house made for 8 guests.  We made friends with them and were entertained by their youthfulness, drinking cocktails made with the cheapest bourbon on the market, but so happy to be going to Nantucket for the weekend to hang out with each other.  They had music playing and were super fun.  The girls on the boat found them quickly and that added more entertainment for the 2 hour ride.

Always such a pretty sight, Nantucket harbor...
We walked up the hill to the house we were staying at..an unexpected workout.  Dave was very helpful and took most of the heavy bags..it usually is very helpful to have a man around on vacation.
We got unpacked and headed to the grocery story to get provisions.
The cups I ordered arrived on time..so cute.  I LOVE them and kept a bunch to take home.
We went to dinner at Brotherhood of Thieves, which is where we end up going the first night of every trip here.  The best burgers.
And then met the rest of the girls out at the Boarding House.  It was so packed full of people but so fun to see everyone. 

I finally met my web designer Cara after many years of emailing and talking on the phone.  We have big plans coming up for www.kristinpearce.com!
But the biggest news of my weekend was after chatting with the cutest girl at the cutest store on Center Street, she placed a big order for my crystal bracelets.  The store is Isabel Harvey and so amazing, chock full of great jewelry, cute tote bags and much more. I was dying!
More on my trip this week.  Working on a massive Nantucket shopping post.
and..Happy Birthday to my Mom!!!!
 xoxo, kp

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