Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Beautiful Bookshelves

Not only do I think filling up bookshelves are an amazing way to show your decorating skills, but if you are a serious reader like myself, you need a place to keep your library of books!  I keep all the books that I have read and they are in every room of my home.  The best bookshelf styling is when you add personal mementos and pictures in with the books, telling a story.  

Via Simplified Bee

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My amazing friend Carolyn's bookshelves...


Heather Clawson's personal bookshelf via Habitually Chic

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Bookshelves from The Wooden Thumb via Traditional Home



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I die over the pink backgrounds...
via Turquoise LA Interior Design

a perfect way to fill a wide 2nd floor landing


via Desire to Inspire

India Hicks' bookshelf styling is well documented in her lifestyle books..

Lee Radziwill's Paris Apartment

via Chinoiserie Chic

My own bookshelves...

and not to leave out Martha Stewart.

Since my apartment is crammed with books, I have vowed not to buy any more books for a while, except coffee table books for stacking my tvs on.  I am all about my Kindle!
xoxo, kp

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CDS said...

My bookshalves are my favorite part of our house and my pride and joy! :)