Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Favorite Summer Treat

Since I am currently back on not eating carbs, I find myself thinking about bread and crackers all the time..so sad.  On my recent trip to Nantucket, I decided to eat like a normal person for the weekend so as soon as we got off the ferry, we headed out to Bartlett Farms to stock up on some yummy food.  It was so fun.

As soon as we walked in, we got hit up by this sweet lady with an apron on, sampling the most delicious treat.  Marscapone cheese and Beach Plum jelly on a cracker.  Sounds simple, but it is amazing.  We bought all the parts right away and spent the whole weekend snacking on these three ingredients until the crackers were gone.

Fast forward to this week and I purchased some Marscapone cheese (basically Italian sweet cream cheese).  There isn't much I can put it on that is on my diet except celery.  So, I decided to really do some research, and after spending 30 minutes in the cracker aisle comparing data, found that Carr's Water Crackers had the least amount of carbs of all the selection there.  Match that with no-carb Marscapone cheese and no-sugar red raspberry preserves and I have almost recreated my Nantucket treat...kind of missing the Beach Plum jelly though.

Try this and I promise you will love...
xoxo, kp

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