Friday, June 21, 2013

Stalking Lilly Pulitzer

Today is the first official day of Summer! is National Wear Your Lilly Day.  I am failing on that end since I am channeling Jackie Kennedy today in my black short sleeve t-shirt, white jeans and sandals.

I have been following on Instagram Lilly Pulitzer and Paige Smith, my favorite Lilly print designer as they document their photo shoot here in Miami.  They are staying at a Miami Beach hotel and I am really not above a little stalking.   Some people would go stalking for a movie star sighting..I would embarrass myself for a Lilly Pulitzer spying mission.

My countdown is dwindling for my big trip...17 days till I get on the road!
Very excited and scared at the same time.
Will keep you posted...
xoxo, kp

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