Wednesday, June 19, 2013

The Perfect Summer Tan...

It always kills me that something that makes you feel so good is so bad for you.  I always love getting a good tan during the summer.  Since I live in Miami, there isn't any excuse to not have a tan all year-round, but it is time consuming to build up a real tan.  My genetic make-up is 25$ Greek and 25% Italian, so I should be practically bronze but it isn't so.  But, once I break through the pale/tan barrier, I can get a nice tan and keep it for a long time.  My 2008 summer tan went down in the record books..a whole summer spent in Newport, sitting on Gooseberry Beach looking at the ocean from the most beautiful place.

To kickstart a tan or to fudge one when you can't get in the sun, the easiest way is self-tanner.  My Newport roommate insisted on using Jurgens Natural Glow all summer to supplement her tanning and I could not stand the smell.  It drove me crazy.  I discovered that if you buy the small tubes and use them right away, the smell isn't so bad.  Then, they came out with one that has practically no smell..a miracle.  

Jergens Natural Glow
This is effective but if you over-do it, you can look like Snooki..and that is a bad thing.  This is available in every drug store in America.

Clarins Self-Taning Instant Gel
This one is good but a little pricier, around $40.

Lavera Tanning Lotion
This brand used to be sold at Target and it is a little earthy/crunchier version, but all natural.  Now it is available on their website and some Wegman's in New York.  This is my favorite. 

bare Minerals Faux Face Tan Gradual Glow Sunless Tanner
Better than the real thing, this quick-drying sunless tanner by bareMinerals gives you a sun-kissed complexion without exposure to the sun's harmful rays. A unique tanning peptide delivers a subtle, golden glow that gradually develops into a natural-looking tan over time. A mineral copper complex works to prolong the effects, while plant-derived emollients help lock in moisture without clogging pores for a healthy-looking complexion. Build a deeper tan by reapplying - and look like you've basked in the sun longer. Formulated without parabens and artificial oils.
Available at Ulta  $24.

Clinique Self Sun Face Tanning Lotion
For immediate color, this lotion is oil-free and delivers a nice tan in 3 hours
Available at Lord & Taylor $22

Did I miss your favorite? 
Let me know!
My goal is not to need these this summer by the way....
xoxo, kp

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