Monday, July 1, 2013

Arm Candy

I love how the term arm candy has taken on a life of its own these days.  When I googled it for some research on this post, so many entries popped up!  The Lilly print girls whipped this cute watercolor up a few weeks darn cute.

On Thursday, Lynley loaded up her arm with some of my "candy" and put this on Instagram.  Two cute girls who came to the show and asked for this whole group of bracelets.  It was so funny.

I have been making bracelets all weekend.  I am still figuring out what jewelry to show in Atlanta and then trying to be fully stocked for my amazing Statesville trunk show next Wednesday.  The clock ticking in the background is getting louder.  I am just hoping I can get it all done.  I seriously could use an intern!

Happy Monday!
xoxo, kp

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