Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Last Leg...

I should be hours away from home when this post gets sent out.  Yesterday's drive was really horrible, so boring and I am super tired.  In a moment of frustration months ago, I downloaded Season 2 of Downton Abbey on my iPhone, so I listened to that the whole time.  Now I have watched/listened to that season about 8 times.  I get a little teary in all the same spots and it never gets old.
The Atlanta Show was not a huge success for me, unfortunately.  Being ever so positive, I will go again in January and mix it up a little bit.  I need a tiny booth with one table, a riser and some really cute blown up pictures to hang.  I will be plotting this out in the next few weeks.  The good news is that I now have an enormous amount of jewelry on hand so I can photograph it all for my website and promotional materials.  One of our neighbors gave me tutorials every day on how to succeed in the jewelry business and we met the coolest lady- Sarah from Naples who is going to be the best contact, so I kept busy all 5 days.  That show is way too long if you ask me.

Off to New Jersey..trying to stay positive,
xoxo kp

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Her Preppiness said...

I know that you will do great in january