Thursday, July 25, 2013

Meeting at the Castle

Hard to believe it has been a week since I was in New Jersey!  The reports about the heat were not exaggerated, it was unbelievably hot.  We rented a car and the first day, the a/c worked fine but went steadily downhill during our trip.  That is the kind of luck I have been having lately!

The summit we flew up for was held in the new Make-A-Wish Foundation of New Jersey's office which is built like a real life castle.  We had heard about this "Wishing Facility" last year, but you can't really grasp it until you see it for yourself and actually walk through the fancy doors.  When you are a Wish child in this area, you come to this fantasy place to actually discuss options and figure out what your Wish will be.  There are special rooms just for the Wish families and they have taken great steps to make the whole experience really unforgettable.  Our behind-the-scenes tour came after meetings with other Make-A-Wish sponsors where they shared their success stories.  It was a very uplifting day, hearing about different Wish families and all that Make-A-Wish is doing to make these children's lives better.  Some of the stories about how different celebrities and organizations go so out of their way to grant wishes really were inspiring.  I am so glad we went to this summit, even if we roasted in New Jersey!

Me with Make-A-Wish CEO, David Williams

Happy to be back in cooler Florida,
xoxo kp

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