Thursday, July 18, 2013

Still in Disbelief about Cory Monteith

While on my trip, I kept waking up early and would scan through Facebook and Twitter in the wee hours.  One post on Facebook caught my attention Sunday friend Courtney, a karaoke addict, posted a link about the death of Finn Hudson from Glee and the words NO!!!!  Internet rumors about celebrities deaths are super common, so I hoped that was the story, but when I kept reading the news, it was apparent that Cory Monteigh was indeed dead at age 31.  He had just checked himself into drug rehab a few months ago, so unfortunately, it was easy to assume the worst.

Finn Hudson dead???  I don't advertise the fact that I love Glee and I don't really talk about it, but I am a Gleek for sure.  I think the show is brilliant and the proof is that we all watch these 30-something actors playing high school students and just go with it without question.  My iTunes is chock full of Glee songs, approx. 45 of them.  Cory Monteith's character was so sweet and how could there be a Rachel without a Finn?

I love Glee and can't imagine what they will do with this development.  Reports say that Lea Michele, his real life girlfriend is inconsolable.  It truly is such a sad story.  My favorite Glee moments are below...

There are so many more..these are my quick top 5.

Rest in Peace Cory Monteith.
This post is dedicated to the biggest Gleek of all, Cynthia Demos.
So sad, 
xoxo kp

Happy Birthday to BFFs Laura and Nicole!

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