Thursday, August 22, 2013

King Size

So, in my efforts to get my bedroom to look something like this...

I have made some serious headway in the last while.  For almost 2 years, I have been enjoying my king size beautiful headboard with my queen size bed.  Getting the king size bed was the challenge.  I didn't take the time to do research and kept hoping my Mom would do that for me, which didn't happen.  One night at the beginning of the summer over dinner, one of my bffs mentioned that she was getting a new bed and the next thing I knew, her barely used king size mattress had my name on it.

Getting it to my apartment was another story.  That all happened on Tuesday.  My nephew came and helped me pick up the mattress, get the old one out of my place and then the box springs and frame were delivered later.  My birthday earlier this year yielded a beautiful new king size duvet and shams, so I have filled in all the other parts recently and the end result...a brand new bed with all the trimmings for me!

I can't get over how comfortable it is and I have been sleeping amazingly.  Next challenge, I have too much furniture in that room. Something has to go.  This weekend, I am determined to get it squared away and get some sun to keep my barely there Newport tan.

Leaving Statesville this summer on my way to Atlanta, I stopped by Mary Jo's Cloth Store in Gastonia in the pouring rain to see if they had any fabric resembling the blue and white toile above.  To my surprise, they had the original fabric I was looking for.  I was in such a hurry and I wasn't sure how much I needed, I had to leave it there and drive away, hoping to be able to call and order it.  That is on my list today.  Once I get my hands on this fabric, I am having panels made for my window behind my bed and a dust ruffle to match.

I am on a roll and am determined to get this done.  I feel like when I type all this on here, it makes me more accountable since I run into people and they ask about my progress.  It always catches me by surprise when this happens and then I remember that I seemingly have no secrets since I write all about my life here lol.  TMI???

Sleeping so soundly these days,
xoxo kp


Unknown said...

so, KP, are you going to share and tell us what the fabric is?

wishing you a productive weekend!!

linda said...

your bedroom is shaping up to be so fabulous-love that toile!!!-linda,ny