Monday, December 30, 2013

2014 Calendars

Calendars are one of my favorite gifts to receive.  Not only are they useful for date purposes, but then I use them in my photo albums to mark the months for pictures. Last year, I sold Stevie Streck calendars and one graced my counter in my kitchen all year long.  I loved changing the months and seeing a new design each month.  This year, I haven't locked down which calendar I will use..I am leaning on the Sesame Letterpress one.  It's not too late to order these...

The fanciest of them all, the Mrs. John L. Strong's petite calendar.  This was my calendar of choice for several years before I branched out and made a switch.  The paper is thick and the designs are engraved beautifully.  $125

Sesame Letterpress Letterpress Calendar $20

Sugar Paper Kate Calendar $52

Floral Calendar by KTF Design $15

12 Adorable Dogs Calendar by squarepaisleydesign $16

Paper Source Foil Desk Calendar $19.95

Icon 2014 Easel Calendar $24.95

2014 Letterpress Coaster Calendar from Kate's Paperie $18.17

Cookie Classics Calendar $17.50

Touch of Glitter Calendar $22

Honestly, I didn't realize I was running out of time until last week to get my calendar.  Mine will be a tad late, but the good thing is now, some are on sale!

Counting the days...
xoxo, kp

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