Tuesday, December 31, 2013

New Year's Eve

It is not like me to be a Debbie Downer, but I have never been a fan of New Year's Eve.  It always seems like you are chasing a good time.  Last year, I was in North Carolina with Meg and we had a blast hanging out at her parent's house drinking champagne and predicting what would happen in 2013.  This year, I will be celebrating with friends eating stone crabs and watching fireworks all around the Miami skyline from a well-placed balcony.  These milestone dates are frustrating when you are not where you think you would be from one year to the next.  I am famous for clocking my progress around Valentine's Day.  I can't help myself but to say "by next Valentine's Day, I will be...."  It is usually a word revolving around having a boyfriend, something that I never have had on the actual date of Valentine's Day.  I started dating someone this year on January 31st and wouldn't you know it, we got into a little fight around February 11th.  I cannot express to you how mad I was to miss out yet again.  We got back together the day after my birthday on the 19th..talk about good timing on his end-so frustrating.  I am all about looking ahead and am very ready to put 2013 in my rear view.  Today is my last day at my job, having been an unfortunate casualty of layoffs a few months ago.  I never in a million years thought this would happen to me, but in Corporate America, you are never irreplaceable.  When budgets need trimming, head count is the first to go.  After 7 years of pretending to be Julie McCoy, I am hanging up my clipboard and saying Bon Voyage!  I will be focusing on my business full time and couldn't be more excited about all the possibilities ahead.  After my health issues these past few months, I am ready for 2014 and have a renewed priority list for myself, health being at the very top of my list.  By the way, I am feeling quite like the Bionic Woman after my Cataract surgery last week and am in awe of how much clearer I am seeing things, It is amazing! 

Cheers to New Year's Eve!

Hoping to be kissed at midnight,
xoxo kp

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