Monday, December 9, 2013

The Holidays....

It has been a little busy in my world, lots of shows and still at work-trying to keep up with it all and desperately afraid of missing an order along the way.  My two deadlines are looming this week, so I will be combing my order books to triple check I got everything faxed away.  My favorite show was this past Friday, the Beaux Arts Holiday Market.  It was at my friend Lisa's house in her back yard on the tennis court, under a tent.  There were around 30 vendors and tons of delicious food.  This is my favorite market because all my friends come and bring their Moms-my original customers.

Nothing is more satisfying than to sell out of a new item. My new experimental necklace was a hit.  Long wood beads with a suede tassel for $25.  They were all gone by the end of the day. Some other new designs sold well, so I know I am on the right track, thankfully.

I spent the rest of the weekend decorating my apartment.  For the first time ever, I got my tree on the early side.  I am usually too busy to get it and put ornaments on it.  When it got up to my apartment, I realized it was a little crooked but figured I would fix it later.

After I put all the lights on it and all the ornaments, tied my pink bows and got it just right, I was so happy to sit and admire my tree.

It looked so great.  I sat on my couch and watched TV while making some jewels.  Out of nowhere, the tree came crashing down right towards me.  It scared the hell out of me!  Unbelievably, no ornaments broke but all my lights got jostled and the water spilled everywhere.  I couldn't lift it up at first but finally got it upright. I had to put the table right in front of it to keep it stable and tonight, have to figure a way to secure it to something.  What a mess!

On a more personal note, today marks two weeks since my last surgery and I am finally feeling better.  Yesterday was the first pain-med free day I have had in weeks.  I am finally able to see a light at the end of the tunnel.  I have heard it said so many times but it doesn't ring true until your health is in peril, but you are nothing without your health!!!  I will never take mine for granted again.

Feeling cheery for the holidays,
xoxo kp

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