Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Obsessed with Blue and White

Blue and White...not sure when my obsession with this combination, especially in the form of Chinese porcelain started, but it seems to have only gotten worse with time.  I own quite a few pieces of it and it is in every room of my apartment at this point. 

When I see blue and white Chinese porcelain, I head straight for it.  I am running out of room for more ginger jars or vases..maybe a garden stool for my balcony?  At least it could double as an extra seat when I entertain!

There is a beautiful one on Overstock dot com for $121 with free shipping that I am dying for.  Isn't it pretty?

I keep hearing of sightings of goodies at Homegoods like the one above from my Instagram friend @lboriginals, but haven't had much luck there.  I did see a big ginger jar there last week, but the pattern wasn't really what I was looking for.  Alas..I found a helpful salesperson who told me I could call the store and give them the department and style number below and they could tell me if they have any in stock before trekking there myself to look.  Feel free to try yourself.

On my latest trip to New York for the Stationery Show, I stumbled across a new line called Fraser & Parsley.  One of their designs is this adorable Blue Willow platter.  I fell in love and ordered some note cards with this design.  They just arrived today and are so so cute.

While I was researching pics for this post, I came across this picture of these custom stamps.  I love these... of course.

All about blue and white,
xoxo kp

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Wendy C said...

Hi Kristen.
I'm also a blue & white aficionado & I found your blog from Andrea @ the Glam Pad..
There are so many great places in the States to buy blue & white china.
Next time you go to NYC try Pearl River. I've brought pieces back from there to Australia. H
I'm on ig where I share my b&w love