Saturday, September 20, 2014

Apartment Design Update

Well, I have finally figured out what I am doing with my apartment.  The fabric I found to work in my living room is Ralph Lauren's Bay Island Indigo.  It is already purchased and at my Mom's house ready to sew. Picking this fabric was way more complicated than I ever expected.  Too many choices and I switched colors midway through the process.  Loving blue and white like I do, I decided to do my living room in those colors.  

The panels will be on the sides of the creamy white ones I already have.  A navy blue pom pom fringe trim will be sewn down the middle of the white ones to tie it all together.  Still alluding me is a coordinating fabric to re-cover two chairs and then having some pillows made to match.  My pretty pink and green pillows are being packed up and sent to my parents for storage.  I love them so much and they were a small fortune, so I will bring them back somewhere down the road and use them again.

For my bedroom, I went with green!  On a recent trip, I stayed at a friends house with Matouk Cove bedding in green and fell in love.  Using this pattern for three European shams and a bed skirt will look great with my all white bedding and white tufted headboard. 

For the panels behind my headboard covering my window, I found this Summer Hill fabric that matches.  I ordered a sample and it just will look awesome. 

Not 100% sure of the exact timeline for this whole plan, but the sooner the better. It has been almost 4 years since I bought this condo!  

Did I mention that I have an Ikea white chair still in parts needing to be put together? I haven't roped anyone to come over and help me put it together yet..maybe this weekend lol.

It will get decorated, 
xoxo kp

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