Friday, November 21, 2014

Better Dress Up...

Back in my bridal consultant days, I spent a lot of time compiling good info to put together to write a smart guide for brides.  In my seat at the time, I had a front row view of all brides before and after their weddings and they loved to talk talk talk about the good, the bad and the ugly.  It was thing that a bride told me stuck with me and I warned all future brides to make sure they addressed it..make sure your photographer and videographer are dressed appropriately for the occasion.  Nothing looks worse than a sloppily dressed photographer at your elegant wedding, they stick out like a sore thumb.  It isn't something to assume, that they will wear appropriate attire.  You have to tell them what you want them to wear.

Last month, I went to a very elegant fashion show at a high-end department store. Everyone was dressed up and looked amazing...then looking down the runway sat ten or so photographers in t-shirts and jeans, and they looked horrible.

Apparently, the Royal family is like-minded.  To prepare for Prince William and Kate Middleton's visit to New York and DC in December, the British Monarchy laid out a dress code for all those reporters who will come in contact with them.

According to Politico...

“Journalists… should comply with the dress code on formal occasions out of respect for the guests of The Queen, or any other member of the Royal Family,” the British Monarchy website declares.
“Those wearing jeans or trainers will not be admitted and casually dressed members of the media will be turned away. This also applies to technicians,” the warning notes.  “Smart attire for men includes the wearing of a jacket and tie, and for women a trouser or skirt suit,” it proclaims.
I read this online this morning and it just made my day...

I mean..could they be cuter??

As always...obsessed with the Royal Family,
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