Monday, May 4, 2015


All the hoopla over the newest Princess this weekend has me thinking..where is our Royal family?  The closest thing we have is the Kennedys here in the US and the only real branch around, sorry to say, is Caroline's family.  Where the heck is she hiding everyone?  I previously posted about this years ago and it is still one of the most clicked on blog posts that I have written.  Her children are beautiful, I just cannot figure out why you literally have to hunt for pictures of them.  Wouldn't you think they would be everywhere? Rose looks so much like her grandmother, it is crazy.

I looked online for recent pics and a few came up...

Rose and Tatiana last year at the Kennedy Center Honors event.

Rose modeling for Maggy Frances

A holiday family picture via Caroline's official Twitter account.

and since I started this blog post...the name has been announced for the new Royal baby and it is so perfect.
Princess Charlotte Elizabeth Diana.

Love the royals,
xoxo kp

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