Sunday, January 31, 2016

Tune In...

Two big series are playing this week on tv.  They both look good and I have set my VCR.

Madoff -ABC Wednesday, February 3 and Thursday, February 4th
(This is a mini-series)

Starring Richard Dreyfuss as Bernie Madoff and Blythe Danner as wife Ruth, this series is supposedly based on the novel "The Madoff Chronicles: Inside the Secret World of Bernie and Ruth" by Brian Ross.  Watch a preview here.

 Reviews are good for this, focusing on the family and the fallout after his arrest.  This story is also being told in an HBO movie down the road starring Robert DeNiro and Michele Pfeiffer.

The People v. O. J. Simpson: An American Crime Story
Premieres F/X Tuesday, February 2nd at 10 pm
(This is a new series with many episodes)

Directed by Glee's Ryan Murphy, this series details the horrific details of the O.J. Simpson trial and all the craziness that ensued.  Based on the Jeffrey Toobin novel, "The Run of His Life, The People v. OJ Simpson".  Watch the preview here.

How can you not watch this?  It looks so good and apparently tells a lot of behind the scenes information that we don't know.  David Schwimmer's silver streak is hilarious as Robert Kardashian.

Intrigued by these two crooks and their stories,
xoxo, kp

Saturday, January 30, 2016

Kendall + Kylie

Not ashamed to admit that I watch Keeping up with the Kardashians.  I think they are hilarious and they do a good job of putting together an entertaining show each week.  One thing that always makes me wonder is how all of a sudden Kendall and Kylie have so much money?  Before Kendall started modeling, she was in high school and just had a small part on the show.  Now her net worth has skyrocketed and Kylie just bought herself a pretty nice house for herself!

They have several product lines, endorsement deals and get paid for tweets/Instagram posts.  The whole family never stops working and earning.  Now the younger Jenner sisters have a new clothing line that is about to debut.  

Lace Up Safari Dress $168..comes in several colors

 Alisha Shoe $140

Corey Shoe $89

Cross Front Dress $188
Suede sandals $125

Mixed Lace Dress $298

Fifi sandal $110

Lace Babydoll Dress $178

These girls don't stop!
Very curious to see these in person..coming soon at Neiman Marcus, Nordstrom, Saks Fifth Avenue and some online retailers.

Kardashians and Jenners are everywhere, 
xoxo, kp

Friday, January 29, 2016

In Search of Hampstead

My next project is tackling my bedroom.  I have talked about re-doing my bedroom on this blog so many times-

and here

Not much has changed except that I now own the fabric I need pinch pleat panels made in to go behind my headboard.  My Mom can make these but she has been quiet as a mouse when I talk about them, so I am heading to a place off 72nd Avenue to get them done.  This will kickstart the project for me.  The fabric I own for this is below:

Once I get those finished, I need to pick a paint color.  Currently, my walls are a pale blue.  This has served me well for years, but I am ready for a creamy white.  The thought of taking almost everything out of my room to paint gives me hives.

My bedside tables now are small wood (or almost wood) dressers that I had painted a thousand coats of glossy white and added sparkly crystal knobs.  They looked really great for about a month before one of the drawers got stuck and sort of fell apart.  My handyman is currently residing in Amelia Island, so that has been a problem.  They have slowly been disintegrating  and I have been on the hunt for replacements. Of course the ones I want are almost $1,000/each.  They are the Hampstead bedside tables from Williams Sonoma Home.  Yikes, everything on that site is pricey! 

I have been looking at other options that are similar-Hollywood Regency-type..

Lacquer Louis 3 Drawer Table from Ballard Design $399
I would paint it bright white and change the pulls.

Addison Bedside Table from Pottery Barn $299

White Quinn Nightstand from Pier 1 Imports $189.98

There are tons out there but none as cool looking at the Hampstead.  Then I started searching for bamboo white dressers and at the name Henry Link kept popping up.  There are a bunch on eBay and now I am thinking maybe I should buy a pair online, even though there are rarely pairs for sale together, paint them and be done with it.

and then while doing this post, I found these in Vero Beach...

and these

or these from Wayfair that come in white...

So either some hefty delivery charges are in store or a road trip is in my future.  One thing is for sure, before I start tearing apart my bedroom, I need to purge some clothes because my closet is overflowing!  It's all in the plan...

Hoping for a magazine worthy bedroom,
xoxo, kp

Thursday, January 28, 2016

More Instagram Favs

Here is the second edition of my Instagram favorites..there are still so many more and I keep finding good ones every day.  Enjoy these...

Habitually Chic is a blog that chronicles the comings and goings of NYC interior designer Heather Clawson. She goes to fabulous events and travels the world.  She is getting ready to go to Paris for Fashion Week.

An obvious one to follow, especially if you enjoy the 5 x 5 prints they put on their feed from the Lilly print designers.  Also an easy way to see all the new Lilly wears coming to stores.

There is no one more funny/crazy than Jill Kargman.  Before starring in her hit Bravo show Odd Mom Out, she was an amazing author.  Her books are laugh out loud funny and so is this hilarious show.

Photographer Claiborne Swanson Frank takes pictures of all sorts of people, her feed is a mix of her photos of family and famous friends.

Longtime favorite artist Caitlin McGauley.  I LOVE her paintings and this feed shows what she is working on and what inspires her.  

Another obvious feed for design junkies, the Veranda Magazine feed has beautiful pictures of all different types of design.  

If you don't live in Miami, you might not know about the gem that is Country French.  A charming little store in the middle of South Miami, you can find linens, candles, home accessories, china, furniture and much more all displayed in a way that makes you want to purchase the whole room-people sometimes do!  Sweet girls will help you make the best choices and wrap your purchases up so pretty, you will be proud to take something from here as a gift to anyone.

Another obvious feed for me.  Love seeing what Gwyneth Paltrow is up to.  I am also dying for her to post more pictures of her beautiful house.  She always just posts this gorgeous entryway. 

If you have a hankering for pink and green, this feed is for you.  These sisters in Palm Beach get around and post awesome pics of their comings and goings.  They have a blog and an online shop

Last but certainly not least, my dear friend of over 25 years, Jamie has been perfecting her photographic eye and her feed filled with her beautiful family and her travels is so fun to see.  One of the most creative people I have ever know, you will be sure to learn a lot by adding her to your Instagram lineup. 

xoxo, kp

Wednesday, January 27, 2016

KD Hamptons on One Kings Lane

One of my favorite Instagram feeds, KDHamptons belongs to Kelli Delaney, the editor in chief of, a digital luxury lifestyle magazine.  It is filled with the most beautiful homes scattered around the Hamptons in New York, parties and general lifestyle pictures.  One Kings Lane featured her Water Mill farmhouse from the 1880's on their site along with plenty of goods you can purchase so you can make your home just like hers!  Check it out...

Oil Painting $2,295

Foscari White Garden Stool $119

Persian Rug $5,995

Reed Tufted Wingback Bed $769.00 - $955.00

Lavielille Ginger Jar 14" $69

Italian Sconces $$775/set of 2

Oil Paintings, Set of 2 $325

Kelli, I am ready to move in,
xoxo, kp