Friday, February 12, 2016


After getting this amazing candle this past week from Thompson & Ferrier, I took an informal text poll on which candles my friends are burning in their homes...

One of my other favorites is the Nest Blue Garden (Autism) candles.  This was on Meg's list as well.

Nest Bamboo was a favorite of Zaria, Olga and Blair.

Mer Sea by Crisp is Cece's favorite

Diptyque Baies is Camille's favorite

Anthropologie Capri Blue Volcano candle is Carolyn's favorite

Manuel Canovas Nuit de Serendip is Ashley's favorite

Erika's favorite is Peony from Henri Bendel

Trish McEvoy Wild blueberry Vanilla candle is Tara's favorite

Denie's favorite is Seda France Japanese Quince

Voluspa Makassar Ebony and Peach candle is Ana's favorite

Anne Beaumont's favorite is Lafco's Living Room
One of my old favorites was Charlotte Moss' Virginia candle.  It used to come in a beautiful cream box with flowers all over it.  I was obsessed with this candle.  I don't think it exists anymore but I am hopeful that isn't the case.

Racing home to light my new candle,
xoxo, kp

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