Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Checking off my list...

Yesterday's vacation day was such a nice way to round out my weekend.  I keep saying that I am needing friends to come sit on my couch while I work because it keeps me focused and I get so much done.  I had two takers yesterday and they descended on my bookshelves and forced me to start going through them and organize!  It is unbelievable how many of my vendors have gone out of business through the years.  Then, if I don't order my own samples, I am stuck with tons of products with random names on them. 

So, now all of that stuff is in bins, along with some other merchandise that I don't want to sell anymore and I going to have a big sale at the end of the month.  This is great timing because all of the stuff I ordered at the Atlanta Gift show is starting to arrive and I need the space!

The cleaning up discussion also included my hallway closet, home to all pictures, paper and more paper.  I am determined to get those pictures in albums, even if they are not in perfect order.  I have more shelves in bookcases then in that closet.  Last week, I ordered my first Chatbooks.  The app stays on your phone and you order from there-this is great since most of my pictures are in my phone these days.  This Chatbook is a gift for someone but I can't wait to see the quality when it arrives.  If it is good, then that might be a great solution going forward..making Chatbooks every so often instead of gearing up to make a real photo album with tons of pictures.  I am kind of missing the days of dropping off your film and picking up pictures!

Use this code for a free first Chatbook! 

Back to reality today,
xoxo, kp 

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Unknown said...

KP - You are the BEST!! I am sooo glad you are blogging again because I always learn so much from you. Keep it up!!!