Monday, February 1, 2016

Eddie Ross: Modern Mix

Style and Design guru Eddie Ross just came out with a beautiful book called Modern Mix.  Filled with tons of beautiful pictures of interiors and complete guide on how to find treasures for your home.  It's almost like if you didn't have any assistance growing up learning about how to set up a home for entertaining, you could buy this book and figure it all out.

Literally, how to navigate an antique or tag sale...

How to put together a veggie platter...

How to beautifully create a tablescape for an elegant cheese spread..

I saw Eddie in person earlier this month in Atlanta at the Gift Show.  He had a panel discussion about tablescapes and had a ton of ladies hanging on every word.  He was very charming.

You can follow Eddie on Instagram here.
You can purchase Eddie Ross, Modern Mix here.

Loving Eddie,
xoxo, kp

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