Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Promises, Promises

So its, February 2nd and I have crossed two things of my New Year's resolutions list!  Hooray for me!

1.  I blogged all 31 days in January!!  This is more in one month than in the last two years combined.  It was really fun getting back into it, but I do realize now how so many people have stopped writing in their blogs regularly--it is super time consuming.  And, as I am putting a post together, I laugh to myself knowing that no one will appreciate the time it takes to put them together, searching for pictures, creating links to other posts or articles, etc...  But, it is so fun and I have had some terrific feedback, so I will continue blogging Monday - Friday.

2. Organizing my closet-I have been saying this on every to-do list for years.  My closet is never fully organized because I have a horrible time getting rid of clothes.  One day this week, I will do a closet post so you can see my challenges ahead and see some of my treasures that I have kept.

3.  Exercise more-doesn't every say this as well?  I just purchased some super cute pink running shoes online and they arrived today.  My friend Carolyn told me about an app to put on your phone that "walks" you through the steps of starting to run.  I am ready to give it a go.

4. Try to paint.  I have always wanted to learn how to paint and now on Instagram, I follow a bunch of artists that post a painting a day.  It finally got to me and I went to Michael's and bought some supplies.  They stayed in the bag for a week or two until this weekend when I got them out and started fooling around with them.  My first try was just to get used to the paints and how much water to have on the brush, etc...it's not as easy as it looks.

My second attempt was last night.  I had an idea in my head and just started painting.  The end result looks like a quilt.  I was pretty proud of myself I must say.

5. Finish Jewelry Repairs-admittedly, this is not one of my best strengths.  I have a bowl with about 10 items that need to be fixed and returned to their owners.  My goal is to empty the damn bowl!

6.  Purge-well the whole mantra of my apartment is to purge.  But, I have a ton of old samples with random names that are hard for me to throw away.  My next show will be a sale and I will have tons of samples to get rid of.  And if they don't sell, they will go to Goodwill.

Writing all of these down is putting it out there in the universe for me.  Then, I will have some accountability.  There are more things on my to-do list, but that is for another post.

Keeping promises,
xoxo, kp

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