Friday, February 5, 2016

To Cook in White...

Adding to my long list of projects to tackle, one of the most important and scary is to re-do my kitchen.  My condo is filled with upgrades all around until you head into the kitchen.  After looking around and doing research beyond, I have decided to get a pretty white Ikea kitchen planned out for me.

The one tweak is that I might have the cabinet doors ordered from Semi-Handmade, one of the few companies that had the brilliant idea to market custom doors to match up with the Ikea cabinet boxes.

I found a blog called Stories that documented the process and it might be the way to go...

They come natural so there is a DIY component to the plan...

but after spending the money to redo the cabinets, I think it is worth it to pay a tiny bit more to have nice doors.  They even know what color paint matches up with the Ikea "white". 

I am heading to Ikea today to take a peek and get the ball rolling. 
So excited.

I know I will cook better in a new kitchen,

xoxo, kp


Unknown said...

Hi KP!

First I have to say I am d e l i g h t e d that you have resumed blogging!
I always learn soooo much from you! YAY!

I am doing an Ikea kitchen for a petite pied-a-terre I have. So far they have come and measured, developed a plan with me, and I have selected and purchased
the counters.

My friend is doing the Ikea boxes and custom doors on her kitchen.

I have yet to get someone out to rip apart my old kitchen, but my friend is ahead of me progress-wise. She's already at the rough-in plumbing and electric stage.

If either one of us comes across anything that might help you, we will pass it along. So far I have to say select your hardware now. Ikea has weird measurements and once those holes are drilled, you are stuck with that spacing.
It is not just the normal 3". Also, be sure your floors are done first - wall-to-wall.

I decided to do metal faux bamboo pulls with standard spacing. Ikea will nickle and dime you, so I am asking that NO holes be drilled. They are charging me $7 per hole if I have them do my standard-sized pulls.

Watch your budget; those little add-ons are tempting, but they do add up!

Good luck and have fun with your project!


Elizabeth@ Pine Cones and Acorns said...

All of these kitchens are fabulous! Great inspiration!