Monday, March 21, 2016

In the Spirit

During my recent apartment reorganization (still in progress), I found myself moving so many books around.  Since moving to Kindle, I don't buy reading books anymore, but cannot stop buying coffee table books.  They come is so many different shapes and sizes, when I find a grouping of the same size, I am so excited..I know it sounds silly.

With one of my birthday gift cards, I purchased one of the Assouline books, In the Spirit of Palm Beach.  It is such a pretty book and there are a series of them..perfect for just the right shelf in your collection...

In the Spirit of Palm Beach

In the Spirit of the Hamptons

In the Spirit of Beverly Hills

In the Spirit of Miami Beach

In the Spirit of Napa Valley

In the Spirit of St. Barths

There are a bunch more, all so beautiful.
Perfect for coffee tables or styling on bookshelves.

Trying to get to one of these location,
xoxo, kp

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