Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Stunning on Nantucket

It's starting to get hot and that makes me think of Summer.  I am still trying to nail down my Summer plans and am hoping to get up to Nantucket at some point.  I am dying to do a pop up shop at Town Pool.  That is my goal...

During my many trips to Nantucket with my Newport roommates, we have rented so many different houses.  It is so fun and also nerve wracking to find a house online to rent, commit to ungodly sums of cash and then wait until you arrive to see what you are really renting.  Most of our houses have been amazing.  Last summer, our original house had some serious issues and the owner upgraded us to a house a few blocks away..we were so psyched!  This year, I would be happy to go back in a sleeping bag.

Designer Victoria Hagan's home on Nantucket is in another league.  This beautiful home was featured in Architectural Digest. It is amazing!

All photos courtesy of Architectural Digest.

Dreaming of ACK,
xoxo, kp

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