Monday, April 11, 2016


Unless you are living under a rock, you have had to see the ads and articles promoting the HBO documentary Nothing Left Unsaid about the life of Gloria Vanderbilt.  She and son Anderson Cooper have been on several talk shows and interviewed in countless articles about it.  I watched it last night and it is really wonderful.  She used to make paper dolls and cut them out when she was younger.  They act out some of her childhood scenes using paper dolls, it is very cool.

She looks fabulous, almost better than she did 10 years ago.  
Her life story is so fascinating, 

born into one of the wealthiest families, she was the subject of a nasty custody battle between her Mother and her Aunt Gertrude.  Her Aunt ultimately won.

She had many marriages, 

several children from different fathers, 

an incredibly popular clothing line 
(I got my Gloria Vanderbilt jeans for my birthday in 4th grade)

she has written books...

been on magazine covers,

has sold many paintings
and so much more.

Check out Nothing Left Unsaid on HBO, HBO GO.
Watch a promo here.
xoxo, kp

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