Monday, April 4, 2016

Oldies but Goodies...

This past weekend was jam packed.  Lots of events and work as well.  My favorite bead show came to town and I was only there for 45 minutes but did some serious damage.  Once I got home with my loot, I couldn't wait to start making stuff.  That leads to crossed fingers that something good is on television so I can entertain myself while whipping up new necklaces.

I was in luck on Saturday.  One of my favorite romantic comedies was on, The Mirror Has Two Faces.  If you have not seen this gem, you should find it and watch it.  It is such a classic starring Barbara Streisand, Pierce Brosnan, Jeff Bridges, Lauren Bacall and Mimi Rogers.

It is so great..check out a trailer here.

Another favorite that is on cable all the time is How to Marry a Millionaire.  This movie is so funny and I can't see it too many times.

Three models in New York City (Marilyn Monroe, Betty Grable and Lauren Bacall) hatch a plan to rent a fancy apartment so they can attract millionaire husbands...

It's hilarious and the fashion is amazing. Check out a clip here.

Into the classics,
xoxo, kp

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