Wednesday, May 11, 2016


My mind is on white kitchens..and back splashes.  There are so many to choose from these days.  The kitchen in my condo is a galley kitchen which there are few pictures online to look at, so frustrating.  I love the simple white subway tile look..but that has been around for such a long time.  Is it better to do something a little different? Or are white subway tiles the pearls of the back splash world, never going out of style?

Regular subway tiles

Beveled subway tiles

Marble tiles

Marble back splash matching the counter tops

Mirrored back splashes

Brick back splashes

or funky tile back splashes

Need to do some more research..any comments welcome!
xoxo, kp


Unknown said...

Hi KP! I feel your pain. I am re-doing my condo kitchen after a flood
(due to a grease trap created by my upstairs neighbor!). I am opting for quartz counters, pale gray cabinets, and for now anyway, NO back splash. I will either paint or maybe even wallpaper. Subway tiles are OK, but I feel they are done and done. So many of the other tiles are just too trendy. My dear friend did a plain white back splash, but the tiles are two different shapes that fit together. It adds interest. I might hang art in my back splash area until I do decide on a tile. I did an antique gold chandelier, gold bamboo handles, and an oriental rug runner. I'm waiting on the counters but can send you a picture in the meantime.
If you do Ikea cabinets, watch them like a hawk. They slip in all kinds of extra charges, and will sell you all kinds of things you do not want or need. If you get their garbage/trash cans be aware that only their bags will fit them!
Smart or scoundrels? Good luck with your project!! Dana

Unknown said...

KP, me again. Try You will find some pretty interesting tile ideas and be sure to get the free samples. My friend's kitchen looks pretty good!