Monday, September 26, 2016

In the Genes...

So much sad news over the weekend, thought I would post something fun.  This post is about genes and how freaky they are. Some children come out looking like one or the other parent or a mix of both, or sometimes they look like some random aunt or uncle.  

This picture just popped up of Mia Farrow's son Ronan-who she swears is Woody Allen's biological child,except that he looks IDENTICAL to her former husband, Frank Sinatra.  Right???

I mean, seriously.

Also lately, my old favorite Suri Cruise has been popping up in tons of pictures with her Mom and I think finally we can put the rumors to rest and admit that she clearly is Tom Cruise's child.  She is a perfect blend of both of them.  

Now why Tom hasn't supposedly seen Suri in the longest time is another story.  Are they Facetiming and we just don't know it?  Can he really not see her because of Scientology?

I need some answers!
xoxo, kp

1 comment:

Unknown said...

I am not sure of Ronan looks like Frank or not. BUT he looks nothing like Woody Allen (thank God!).

Suri? Yep, she's Tom's!! For sure.