Thursday, January 5, 2017

Christmas Cards

I have so many blog posts written in my head, sometimes it is just overwhelming to think of starting to catch up with them.  One thing I would love to share about and not bypass is my Christmas card this year.  I contacted Paige Smith, a wonderful watercolor illustrator, and commissioned her to paint something for me.  

After receiving a few pictures and notes from me, she went to work and I couldn't wait to get the email with the results.  You never know how something like this will turn out but I have serious faith in this girl. And..I was not disappointed.  She painted a Lillyish version of me in front of my tree with my new curtains in the background and added a ginger jar on the side.  This is it..

and for the inside, she painted this...

I love it so much!  I went overboard and ordered some special stamps to match before I came to my senses.  Overall, I was thrilled it came out so great.  My good friend Kelly from WH Hostess helped me turn these pictures into the card and sent to the printer for me!

This year, the cards were slow coming in.  I think a lot of people decided not to send them.  They picked up closer to Christmas and I ended up getting a bunch.  When I was little, I remember watching my Mom log all of our cards into a little book.  She would check off who she received them from and who she sent them to.  I am of the mind that if someone sends you a card, you send them one back.  If you have run out, then you add their name for the next year.  It's such an easy thing to do and it is so nice to keep up with friends through personal cards.

Then, after Christmas, I have a hard time getting rid of them.  I end up keeping them, well most of them.  Then the next year I go through the stacks and weed through them again.  Some are too pretty to throw away!

A while ago, I was at a baby shower at someones home.  She had a beautiful leather album that had her Christmas card from every year of her life.  It was so amazing.  You can find a nice album and just start now putting your own cards are for cards.  

I would love to put an album together from the cards since I started sending my own.  This is one more thing to add to my to-do list. There are also lots of ideas on what to do with all the cards you receive.  You can bind them in a little album and keep them organized that way..

My friend Lynley makes a book with all her cards and laminates it so it lasts forever. It is so cute.  

I haven't wrapped up Christmas yet, all my ornaments are on my dining room table.  Trying to get motivated to put them all away. I think my grand plans to re-organize my big closet before putting things away might have to wait!