Tuesday, January 31, 2017

In the Works and In the Queue

Trying to get all my needlepoint in order.  I have been on a stitching tear trying to finish all the canvases that are half done, and unfortunately, there are a bunch!  This past weekend, I finished 2 different canvases and added them to the finishing pile.

These projects are in the works....

One of my goals is to have a bunch of stand up trees because I have so many ornaments at this point!

I think this was purchased in 1996...seriously

Changing this from red to hot pink..

Eyeglass case...

This one I love but I ran out of thread-I am famous for it...and our local needlepoint store is closed on Monday's...and that is always when I want to go!

Millie Pillow-I used fur-like thread and it kills my hand

For my kitchen, I have started the background twice and taken it out.  Someday this will be framed...

This is so old from Rita's in NYC, I don't even think Silk & Ivory was invented yet.

I was so in love with the Pierre Deux-like frame..I can barely see the holes they are so dark.

These cute pouches are from the Container Store.  I am loving them to help me get organized. They are $1.99 - $4.99 each. They are fantastic!

When I get caught up..these are the next canvases that I want to stitch..

After I took down my tree this year, I spread out all my needlepoint on a large table. It was so fun to see it all together.  Prized possessions!!!

Happy Stitching!
Xoxo, kp

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