Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Scout Guide Miami Vol. 2

Vol. 2  of The Scout Guide Miami launched this week! 
You can check it out online here.

 I am so happy to be in this second issue and had a great time with my photo shoot.  Here is my ad...

My shoot was in early November and I thought I knew exactly what I wanted.  Borrowing my friend Carolyn's beautiful backyard, I wanted to set up a trunk show by her pool and have a big pink flamingo floating in the water.  You know when you have such an image in your head and are so sure that is the plan?  Well sometimes that doesn't work out...

After getting my hair done and running around getting ready, my friend Maria came over and helped me get started setting up my "show' by the pool.  

Meg came by next and was moving things all around, her stylist skills are very honed...

Meredith, the Scout Guide Editor, and her photographer Matt came next and all my plans went up in smoke!  Matt thought we should take advantage of the beautiful yard and move my whole set-up into the grass.  I think I hid the panic well and the next thing you know, we were moving the table, couch, chairs and all my stuff to the middle of the yard.

Some more tweaking and then we were ready  to start...

Rufus jumped on the couch and was hanging out for a bit while Matt was checking the light.  This is one of my favorite pictures..he is so cute!

Meredith and my cute flamingo were watching from across the pool...

After a million shots of me and my set up, we moved into the close-up shots.  Matt got some great shots of my necklaces and my favorite letterpress tags.  

And then it was over!  It was so weird, all that buildup and then 90 minutes later, it was all done.  I was so hopeful that we got some good shots.  Almost two weeks later, I got my proofs and picked my picture!   The whole process is so nerve wracking but so, so fun.  I am thrilled to be in Vol. 2 and am already planning my ad for Vol. 3!

Happy to be Scouted,
Xoxo, kp

The Scout Guide Miami
Editor: Meredith Kallaher
Photographer: Matt Rice

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