Tuesday, February 7, 2017


When the movie Mommie Dearest came out and it arrived on cable, I was able to see it and for reason I cannot imagine, I became obsessed with the story.  Faye Dunaway's performance as Joan Crawford was over the top but fantastic... 

Then I read the book which has infinitely more detail than the movie and still couldn't get enough.

This lead me to read a similar book written by Bette Davis' daughter called My Mother's Keeper.  Her story was equally dramatic but missed some of the physical abuse that Christina Crawford's book had.

In their day, these two were the biggest actresses around and they hated each other.  They were in one movie together called Whatever Happened to Baby Jane.  Tales from the shooting of that movie are famous and now there is a new Ryan Murphy show that will shed some light of what really went down regarding their rivalry.  

The show is called Feud and is on the F/X network.  Susan Sarandon plays Bette Davis and Jessica Lange plays Joan Crawford.

Click here for a preview of the trailer.
FUED debuts on F/X March 5th.

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