Wednesday, March 22, 2017


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This past year, I feel like I have been punked.  Out of the blue, seriously out of nowhere, I developed allergies.  The type of allergies that you hear about, itchy, watery eyes and more.  It is so annoying and I have been in a state of denial about it since I found out.

My brother has had allergies his whole life.  That was the reason (supposedly) why we could never get a cat when we were growing up.  He walks in a house, and can tell if there is a cat there in an instant.  My allergies were limited to red ant bites and bee stings, both sending me to the emergency room a few times, not fun but not life altering.  I remember begging my parents to go to sleep away camp and I was told in order to do that, I would have to endure some painful allergy shots before I went so that plan went up in smoke.

One of my friends on Facebook posted the other day asking if anyone else was dying from allergies this past week and asked for some remedy suggestions besides traditional allergy medicine.  The responses were plentiful, so clearly I am not alone.  Someone suggested using a Neti Pot.

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Remember when Oprah had someone on her show that talked about the Neti Pot?  I raced out to get one like everyone else and experimented with it, making a mess and only really being successful every other time.  If you don't do it correctly, it can cause a mess.  You also have to use bottled water since this liquid is going directly in your sinuses and if it is not clean, you can get super sick.

Anyway, any other suggestions would be welcome.  Allergy sufferers, I did not want to join your club!

Xoxo, kp