Thursday, September 7, 2017


This damn hurricane.  I have never felt a sense of panic in my entire life as I do right now waiting for this storm to come.  On Wednesday, I was lucky enough to get out of town and arrived in Austin late afternoon.  This is my first visit to Texas so at least this is a slight distraction.  I am traveling with a dear friend and her children, one is the cutest baby ever so that is also keeping me distracted but every time I look at my phone and see the posts on Facebook, the panic returns.

My trip was decided rather quickly and I didn't have too much time to thoughtfully deal with everything in my condo like I would have liked.  I put some photo albums and important papers in bins and put them in my bathroom.  I closed my hurricane shutters in my bedroom but my living room sliding glass doors don't have shutters.  The lock doesn't work on those doors so I had to tie-wrap them shut.  I used 4 tie wraps so hopefully they hold them shut.  All the furniture was moved away from the windows and doors and  I unplugged all my electronics.

Now from afar, I can't do anything about it but wait and hope and pray that my condo will be there when I return.  I personally think we through the terms "thoughts and prayers" around too much and they lose a little value over time but I am seriously praying that things do not turn out for the worse.  I hope it turns just enough to spare my pretty town of disastrous results. Please pray for us!

If there is any silver lining of this storm it is the feeling of community something like this brings.  I have heard from so many friends and family members offering me a place to stay, calling to see if I was ok or if I needed anything.  On Facebook, tons of posts with helpful hints like putting really special papers in your dishwasher for safekeeping, which gas stations don't have horrific lines and words of support from people all over the country.  It is really something.

The company that I work for, Royal Caribbean, has really been supportive and wonderful during this crazy week.  They secured pallets of water and gave them out to all employees on Wednesday, secured our gas truck to come to fuel up all the cars and turned a canceled Bahamas cruise into a safe haven for employees and their families for free to get out of Miami.  If I didn't go to Austin, I would be on the Enchantment of the Seas for sure.  They leave tomorrow and will return when the Port of Miami reopens.

Hurricane Andrew hit Miami 25 years ago the day I left for college to start Fall semester.  My Mom called my apartment in Gainesville at 6:30am the next morning to tell me they "made it".  They were up all night moving furniture around as water poured in from the roof.  I didn't realize how awful it was until afterward and my house then became the neighborhood hang out.  My Dad had installed a gas water heater in our guest cottage so all the neighbors showered there and the kids all swam in our pool.  They made so many lifelong friends from that storm, neighbors they would have probably never met otherwise.

That's all for now..stay safe!!!!!!
xo kp

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JulesTX said...

Welcome to Austin !

I hope Irma does not do as much damage as they are predicting.

Stay safe.