Thursday, February 16, 2017


This popped up in my Facebook feed today, this pretty girl is missing and her Mom is fearing that she has fallen in to the hands of human traffickers.  This is a topic that most people don't know that much about but it is apparently happening all the time.  After seeing the movie Taken with Liam Neeson, it should be terrifying everyone.

Downloading an app called TraffickCam is one way you can help. 

Using your camera phone with this app, any time you check into a hotel, you can take 4 specific pictures and upload them into the app.  

The idea is that by cataloging the background specifics of hotel rooms (carpet, wallpaper, furniture, etc..) they can help identify where victims are that are in any type of online videos posted on the web.  The database of pictures is growing by the day.  

For someone who travels a lot, you could make such a difference using this app.

Hoping Alexis is found ok,
Xoxo kp

Wednesday, February 15, 2017

The Towel Says it All

Spring Break and Summer is right around the corner and  now is the time to get your beach bag ready.  One of the most important accessories is the beach towel.  Here are some good ones that I found...

Target Palm Leaves Beach Towel $10.99

Ralph Lauren Caribbean Beach Towel $78

Matouk Parasol Beach Towel $68

Vineyard Vines Logo Towel $78

Beach Road Seahorses Towel $49

Majorelle Round Beach Towel $110

John Robshaw Alabat Hammam Beach Towel $80

Satchel Seamus Dot Beach Towel $28.99

Lands End Swirl Tie Dye Beach Towel $26

LL Bean Seaside Beach Towel Paddles $29.50

Lilly Pulitzer Shorely Blue Sandstorm Beach Towel $58

Target Orange Crabs Beach Towel $10.99

The Beach People Wategos Round Cotton Terry Towel $110

Hermes Zebra Twins Beach Towels $630

Make sure you look good at the pool or beach!
Xoxo, kp

Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Happy Valentine's Day!

Happy Valentine's Day!
I love this day because it makes people happy and there is chocolate all around.  I used to use Valentine's Day as a barometer for my life.  You could usually hear me saying in January.."if I am still single next Valentine's Day, I am moving!".  There was more but you get the point.  I found some funny cards on Etsy..also some dirty cards but I am keeping this blog PG.  Well..maybe PG-13.  

Hope you have the best day!
Xoxo, kp

Monday, February 13, 2017

Think Pink Birthday Party

This year, my birthday falls on President's Weekend and so many of my friends are going to be out of town.  So, three of my sweet friends threw a birthday dinner for me with a Valentine theme.  Everything was pink and hearts were everywhere. So cute!

I died when I saw these napkins...

Such a fun night, I had a blast!
So grateful to Denie, Meg and & Ashley for hosting a terrific party.
Xoxo, kp

Friday, February 10, 2017


Fifty Shades Darker has hit the theaters.  Valentine's Day is when I am planning on seeing it with friends.  I actually liked the first movie and thought both actors were very similar to what I pictured after reading the book.  The three part series was the first book I read on my Kindle, so they seamlessly flowed from one to another.  The end of the first movie was so sudden and I didn't realize it was exactly like the book ending since as soon as the words THE END appeared, I clicked two buttons and the next book started right away!

Anyway, I am excited to see this movie.  Click here for a preview!

Xoxo, KP

Thursday, February 9, 2017

Grey Gardens on the Market

If you are lucky enough to have an extra $19,995,000 to spend on real estate, you could be the new owner of Grey Gardens!  Located on 1.7 acres in East Hampton near the beach, this amazing property is so rich with history and lots of drama, two movies and a Broadway play have all paid homage to it. 

Jackie Kennedy's Aunt and Cousin lived in this house for years as it turned into a dilapidated state barely suitable for the raccoons that ran around amongst the cats.   Once Big Edie (the Aunt) passed, Little Edie sold the house, holding out for someone who promised not to tear it down.  Enter Ben Bradlee and Sally Quinn.  They meticulously restored the house and surrounding gardens and let several magazines capture the end result.

Sally Quinn is the seller and I am sure this awesome house won't be on the market very long.  If you haven't seen the original movie Grey Gardens or the HBO reboot a few years ago with Jessica Lange and Drew Barrymore, you should.  You will be amused for sure!

Feeling Staunch,
Xoxo, Kp

Wednesday, February 8, 2017

Listening in...

Have you ever had a conversation and then, coincidentally the subject of your chatter comes up in an ad on Instagram or Facebook?  This happens to me all the time and one of my co-workers insists that "they" are always listening via our smart phones.  Who is "they"? I asked and she had lots of ideas, some of which made sense but the whole thing seemed unlikely.

Fast forward many months and I started seeing this when I signed on to my Capital One app...

I thought it was funny because everyone calls me that and didn't think too much beyond being amused.  When this subject came up again, Helen showed me her phone.  Her same Capital One app said this...

Her sister calls her Helen Helen Watermelon.  She is the only person that says that and is usually on speakerphone in conversation.  Coincidence?  It's too much!

I did a quick google search and so much came up on this topic...

Google says that Facebook, Instagram and others use the microphone in your phone to listen to conversations.  You can adjust the settings on your phone under Privacy to disconnect these apps from using the microphone on your phone.  They do this for advertising purposes but it is a little creepy.

Watch what you say near your phone!
Xoxo, kp