Tuesday, January 11, 2011

IKEA Kitchen

So many decisions to make..it is overwhelming. The one big project I have ahead of me in my new place is updating the kitchen. I have an original kitchen and it needs help! A lot of people in this building have had the cabinets refaced because the insides are made great.

My first estimate the other day was outrageous..as much as an entirely new kitchen. More researching and found someone to do it for less than $2,000. I have an appointment next week with that company.

In the meanwhile, I started thinking maybe an IKEA kitchen would be the way to go. The pictures on the website are amazing. A few local friends have completely new IKEA kitchens and they look fabulous for a fraction of the price.

Once you download the kitchen planner, you can choose your cabinets and where you want everything to go...

Not sure which way I am headed..it would be nice to have a brand new kitchen!


I'maNolaGirl said...

I didn't realize that IKEA was doing kitchens until about a week ago when a friend of mine mentioned that he and his wife were installing one. They are fabulous!!!

Karena said...

I wish so much we had IKEA here in Kansas City!!

It sounds like whatever you do it will be wonderful!!

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